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140 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of my favorite must haves in the house AT ALL TIMES!! It is affordable, natural and completely natural! There are tons upon tons of uses for it, it would not be a complete home without it!! You can buy it at any grocery/health food store- or even order it in bulk offline! Trust me with as many things you can use it for, it is worth buying in large quantities!

Coconut Oil is...

An Antioxidant
Anti-Retro viral
Infection Fighting
No harmful or discomforting side effects(unless you are allergic to it)
Improves nutrient absorption

Coconut oil is safe enough to consume daily, in fact with the long list I am about to inform you on- why wouldn't you want to take it? It is recommended that adults take anywhere from 2 to 4 tablespoons a day and children can take 1-2! If you weigh less lean towards 2-3 where as if you are heavier set 4 would be ideal. Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle with the right exercise and diet!

Uses for Coconut Oil

Health and Wellness uses...
1. Vitamin and nutrient absorption
2. Weight Loss
3. Stress Relief- rub in a circular massaging motion on the head.
4. Nose bleeds
5. Nausea- rub coconut oil on the inside of wrist and forearm to calm an upset stomach
6. Lung Function 
7. Improves Insulin Secretion 
8. Fitness- proven to stimulate your metabolism 
9. Energy Booster
10. Digestion
11. Bones and teeth
12. Breast feeding- mothers consuming 3 tbs daily can help enrich their milk supply

When Taken orally Coconut oil can help relieve, prevent and even cure the following...
13. Acid reflux/indigestion aid if taken after a meal
14. Adrenal fatigue
15. Allergies (seasonal hay fever)
16. Alzheimer’s/Dementia
17. Asthma, even in children
18. Autism
19. Bowel function
20. Bronchial Infections
21. Cancer 
22. Candida Albicans
23. Cholesterol 
24.  Chronic Fatigue
25. Crohns Disease and resulting inflammation
26. Circulation/feeling cold all the time
27. Colds and Flus
28. Constipation
29. Cystic Fibrosis
30. Depression
31. Diabetes
32. Dysentery
33. Eczema- you can also rub it on the area as well
34. Edema
35. Energy boost
36. Epilepsy (known to reduce epileptic seizures)
37. Fever Support
38. Flaky, Dry Skin
39. Gallbladder disease and pain
40. Gas
41. H. pylori
42. Head Lice
43. Heart Disease
44. Hemorrhoids- can applied externally or internally twice a day
45. HIV
46. Hot Flashes
47. Hyperthyroidism
48. Immune System Builder
49. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
50. Jaundice
51. Kidney Disease
52. Kidney Stones- aids in dissolving them
53. Liver Disease
54. Lung Disease
55. Malnutrition
56. Mental Clarity
57. Menstruation Relief regarding pain/cramps and heavy blood flow
58. Migraines
59. Mononucleosis
60. Osteoporosis
61. Pancreatitis
62. Parasites
63. Periodontal Disease and tooth decay
64. Prostate Enlargement 
65. Rickets
66. Skin problems
67. Scurvy
68. Stomach Ulcers
69. Toenail fungus
70. Thrush
71. Thyroid Function
72. Ulcerative Colitis
73. Underactive thyroid gland
74. Urinary Tract Infections (Bladder Infections)

When applied topically coconut oil can help prevent, relieve or even cure...
75. Warts
76. Toothaches
77. Ringworm
78. Acne
79. Athletes foot
80. Back pain
81. Sore muscles
82. Boils
83. Cysts
84. Canker sores
85. Cellulite
86. Circumcision healing
87. Decongestant
88. Ear Infection
89. Genital Warts
90. Gingivitis
91. Herpes

Personal Hygiene uses...
92. Wrinkle prevention/reducer 
93. Tooth paste
94. Swimmers Ear
95. Stretch Mark Cream
96. Sun Burn relief
97. Sunscreen
98. Tattoo healing
99. Moisturizer
100. Skin Problems
101. Pre-shave
102. Conditioner for hair- let your hair soak in it for a few minutes to a few hours! You will have to shampoo it out sometimes a few times to get all the oils :)
103. Make up remover
104. Healing for cuts/bruises/burns
105. Lubricant-be careful its not for use with latex!!
106. Hair Gel
107. Control frizzy hair
108. Dandruff
109. Diaper rash
110. Deodorant
111. Cradle Cap
112. Chap stick
113. Bug bites
114. Body scrub- add a little sugar or maybe some coffee grounds into your skin
115. Nipple cream
116. Mole remover-when applied after an apple cider vinegar compress for several weeks, moles have been known to slide off or even just disappear.
117. Massage Oil
118. Stretch Mark Cream
119. Oily skin- use before makeup to help control that oil! Use a small pea sized amount
120. Age spots
121. After shave
122. Baldness- apply three times daily it is known to support cell regeneration!
123. Birth Marks

Cooking with Coconut Oil...
124. Use in substitute of butter/Pam/Lard/Crisco
125. Nutritional Supplement

Other uses for Coconut Oil...
126. Soap making
127. Seasoning cookware
128. Polish Furniture
129. Oiling wood cutting boards/wood bowls
130. Insect repellent
131. Moisturizing leather products
132. Cleaning leather products
133. Goo Gone- mix equal parts oil and baking soda into a paste- use an old toothbrush or sponge to scub it off
134. Remove chewing gum from hair/animals 
135. Add to your bath water
136, Metal polisher
137. Use instead of WD-40
138. Use on your cuticles
139. Natural guitar lubricant and string cleaner
140. Mascara brush cleaner

There are literally hundreds of uses for this wonderful product! There is tons of benefits to giving it to your animals too! I however did not list those today! If you can think of anything I am missing please let me know so I can add them to the list!!

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17 :22

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