Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obesity in America: the sad truth

This post is a little more serious than most I normally do, I have been studying more and more lately as I am trying to finish up my degree before I move..in 51 days(wow that is so fast)!! I have recently been learning more and more about the American's obesity problems and couldn't help but think "wow what happened?!"

Yesterday I was out for a fun in my neighborhood and passed by a gentlemen walking his dog. I usually run through all the cul-de-sac's and streets to get more millage in, I had passed by him 3 or 4 times. The last time I passed him he had just got to his house, I saw his lips moving so I figured he was talking to me. Indeed he was, he was asking how far I was planning on running! I kept my pace and just shouted back "Oh, just a short day today. Maybe 3-4 miles, nothing big"! Right? 3-4 miles is nothing compared to people who run a marathon on a daily basis! He yells back "wow that is so much, you are insane for running that much." I smiled and went on my way... Couldn't help but think..wait what? I am insane? Am I insane because I believe in health and wellness? Because I want to live longer than the national average? Because I think living healthy is the most important thing a person now a days can do?! I was so confused and very distraught by the comment. Is America so lazy that they think 3 miles is insane!? What would he of said If I was running 10 miles that day, I was running a death sentence? It makes me sad that we are creating a generation of children that live off fast food, tv and social networking! When I was growing up we were lucky to watch Saturday morning cartoons. The thing is, I WANTED to be outside!! I would wake up, eat breakfast, and run off to be playing outside. I loved it, I remember getting mad when it would start getting dark and I was forced to come in! I hardly ever see children playing outside anymore, they just want to text on their phones, or Facebook with friends, or watch TV for hours on end!

Did you know that over 61% of American's are overweight and 20% are obese!!! Those are outrageous numbers! Obesity is caused by many factors, genetics and environment being the two main causes. You can have the gene that makes you susceptible to obesity but that doesn't mean you have to put yourself in that environment! If you are taught from a young age how to eat right, engage in daily activity and take care of yourself we wouldn't have such high numbers. The worse part is, there are so many children overweight that it is out of control! Doesn't help that we also have a bullying issue on your hands, so when a child starts to feel better an get out there there is another child taunting them for it! Rule number 1, you CANNOT make fun of someone who is trying to better themselves! If you see a larger person out for a walk or at the gym what gives you the right to say anything?? They are trying and we should be encouraging them and giving our support! You will always see me in support of any person, big or small who is trying to engage in a healthier lifestyle-in fact I am all for everyone being in support!!

Scientist have found over 200 factors that are associated with obesity. Today, I am going to share 12 risk factors that are most common in today's society!

  1. Brain-Centered Obesity. 
  2. Cushing's Disease. 
  3. Low Thyroid output (hypothyroidism).
  4. Growth-Hormone Deficiency. 
  5. Pregnancy. 
  6. Oral Contraceptives. 
  7. Drug-Induced Weight Gain. 
  8. Smoking Cessation. 
  9. Sedentary Lifestyle. 
  10. Diet. 
  11. Psychological and Social Factors. 
  12. Socioeconomic and Ethnic Factors. 
Of course there are plenty more factors, but these sum of the majority of the issues we have today! A person who sees they fall under on of these 12 should definitely seek out help and start the road to a healthier life before they fall under that 20%! If you or someone you know is having problems with being over weight, please feel free to contact me. If you are not in my area I am more than willing to help out by referring someone and even motivational help from afar! I am always going to be in favor of helping someone achieve their goals! Let's all work together to change these numbers and get America fit and healthy!!


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