Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!!

As you all may know 2009 was an amazing year for me, it was full of love, happiness, tears, joy, excitement, and a brand new adventure. I started 2009 out with a big bang, I made the big move from Minnesota to North Carolina not knowing a soul here! What started out as a not so sure decision on my part turned into the best decision I have ever made! I learned a lot this year as well as did a lot of growing up and life altering decisions! But what an awesome year it has been..lets just go over all the fun/exciting things and the not so fun things that have occurred in the past year!

-Rang in the New Year in coooold Minnesota!
-Finished watching all 10 seasons of Friends
-Flew to Orlando for a job interview
-Had Sommerpalooza with some very awesome friends!
-Received the best birthday present(my laptop) from Brent and Shannon :)
-Had to say goodbye to my two favorite little guys :( and of course Jill
-Left my family for a new adventure!
-Road tripped in freezing rain with my mom to North Carolina!
-Moved to Holly Springs, NC
-Joined a gym!
-was able to eat FEBRUARY!!
-Found a new love for mimosas :)
-Tried yoga for the first time
-enjoyed the beach in February
-Learned all about being a jump master hehe
-Went golfing for real for the first time
-Tried many different beers at The Flying Saucer
-Got to visit my loves in GA
-Played a little Glow Ball Golf
-Found Fmylife <3>
-Met new friends
-Went to S.C to visit my One Love and her beautiful daughter :)
-Did the breast cancer walk
-Visited Minnesota
-Had an amazing time with old friends
-Started the wave!
-Went to the beach more times then I can count..and loved every time :D
-Applied to a school
-Got accepted into school
-Finally got my underwater camera
-Spent the weekend in GA..again!! 4 times in one year!
-Took so many pictures all through the year!!
-Had an amazing Halloween
-Met an amazing little girl named Phoenix
-Made countless selfless acts of kindness
-Purchased coffee for random strangers
-Accomplished to do all my Christmas shopping on time!
-Made wine bottles!
-Got the most amazing Christmas present ever..a Nikon D3000 :)!!!
-Realized a lot about people in my life
-Now have plently of friends who have turned into family

There is so many other wonderful things that have happened this year..but I could sit here all night writing them out! All I can say is this year was amazing..and I want to thank each one of you who had a part in making this an amazing year for me! I love and appreciate every single one of you!

Thank you all for making 2009 so good to me :)
The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. Luke 6:38