Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring is here!!

Spring is here, and I am so very happy for that too! I love warm weather, everything about spring makes me so happy. Spring is full of so much love, bird chirping every where and more and more people are coming out of their house! I love the way the crisp air feels against my skin while taking that 7 am run...ahh no better feeling!! It is just warm enough to lay out by the beach, but not warm enough to get me in that water just yet!!

So today we embraced this warm beautiful weather and went down to Wilmington with Tex, Tracy and Connor Gill! Connor is just about 6 months so they wanted some updated pictures of him as well of them! I had a blast taking their pictures, of course Connor is my favorite little guy so why wouldn't I? He is so cute, I just love him!!

So after a fun day of picture taking we had lunch at Flaming Amy's place ever! The burritos are legit the size of Africa!! They have so many different ones to choose from as well as make your own..which Jacob loves :) But all in all it was a beautiful day and topped off with some wonderful time with friends!! Tracy and Tex were also nice enough to snap a few of Jacob and I..and I must say Jacob is one handsome man! I sure am one lucky gal to have such an amazing husband!!

Just a cute shot of us with Connor!

Psalm 67:1-2
May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.


  1. So, I totally just stalked you a little... Thanks for following my blog! You & your husband are like the cutest couple ever! You're gorgeous, too!

    1. Well thank you! Glad you are enjoying my posts :)


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