Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Good morning all!! I know it has been just at 2 months since my last blog!! I apologize it has been a very busy and hectic two months!! Where do I begin..

Well for starters we moved out of our house in NC and packed everything in storage! Jake will be starting recruiting school in July- for now we are apart! I am down in Georgia with family and he is busy up in NC still staying with friends. I am so excited because I am heading back up this weekend to see him before he goes off to Cali for the remaining summer. My little sister Brittany will be spending a week with us once I get there, pretty excited to see her!

In other news, Jake just spent the last week an a half in Baltimore, MD on the USS San Antonio for fleet week! While he may not of enjoyed his static display at times, it sounds like he had a good time up there! Little jealous because I've never been haha! Meanwhile, I have been training a great friend down here in GA and sad to leave but excited to start training more clients again back in NC! I will be staying in NC the remaining part of the summer with friends, so I can focus more on working and getting in beach time of course :)

Well, that sums up whats been going on..oh I should mention since my last post Jake and I ran a 12 mile mud run with some friends, I ran a 5 mile mud run on Stone Bay with a gal from bible study and I just ran the Never Quit Never 5k down in Jacksonville, FL with some awesome friends! I will post more on the races later this week!!

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."2 Chronicles 15:7 

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