Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working out while traveling!

If you anything like me, then you love to travel! Traveling for many usually means putting 
that workout and diet on hold. 
There is no reason what-so-ever to do so! With all the great technology
we have now a days there is no reason...
Except laziness!

There are literally hundred of apps on your phone, computer or tablet
to help track you foods and workouts! Oddly enough
you can even check your heart rate
with an app, if you are just unsure of how to do so
(but I promise its so easy without)!

So lets talk workouts on the go! If you are one of those
people who cannot get motivated unless you have your
trainer or a gym then what better place to turn to
than Wello!! Wello is great for one on one sessions
as well as any group class you could want! 
We literally have so many classes, and
at all hours of the day(every time zone)!
With great prices, its hard to say no!
So check this out if this the type of workout you need!

Now for those of you who who are looking for a
quick, but don't have internet access. Then what you need
is a couple Tabata sessions! These can be done anywhere, and with no more room 
than a yoga mat takes up!

Tabata is fast paced, gets that heart rate up and only
takes 4 minutes to complete one set!! It is 20 seconds at 
your 100% level and 10 seconds rest. You repeat it 8 times for a total
of 4 minutes. Now if you are confused already, don't worry I do teach a Tabata class every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am EST.  Click here to check it out ---> Tabata

Tabata 12 minute workout ANYWHERE

Burpee 8x 20 seconds active 10 seconds rest

 2 minute rest with water!!!

Jumping Lunges 8x 20 seconds active 10 seconds rest

2 minutes rest, again with water!!

Seal Jacks 8x 20 seconds active 10 seconds rest

Rest!!! You just did 12 minutes of High Intensity heart racing workouts!
Not to mention, worked your whole body! It may look easy--but I challenge you to do
one tabata and not feel like those 10 seconds 
past by too fast!!

Let me know how you do if this was your first Tabata!! Make sure
you take in plenty of water before and after as well!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! Start your week out right :)

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