Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fitness Goals: Setting Realistic Goals

We all know the saying, New Year, New me! 
I think it is amazing that more and more people want to change
their lifestyle and become health! I however see so many unrealistic goals out there
that I feel they are setting themselves up for failure.

So, I just wanted to clear a few things up with everyone about setting goals
for your new healthy lifestyle!

Meal Replacements 
     This has got to be one of my biggest annoyances about fitness. Everyone thinks that replacing a meal with a 16oz protein shake will help them loose weight and become fit. Lets me real here! Unless you are extremely overweight and need that jump start there is no need to replace a nutritional meal with a shake. I am a huge believer that you need to get your fats, proteins and carbs from real unprocessed foods. I have not and will not ever use a meal replacement shake. Sure, if I am busy and on the go I will have a shake to hold me over. But I would NEVER recommend anyone sub food for shake. A more realistic way to use protein shakes is drinking one after your workout. Help replenish your body, and get in that needed protein to help you recover! 

1200 Calorie Diet want to only eat 1200 calories in a single day?! How in the world is that gonna help you? Your body needs calories to survive and give you energy throughout the day. If you neglect your bodies need for more calories you will just be storing any you take in. Your body needs food every 3-4 hours. Now, I am not saying eat a full meal, but a healthy snack in-between those 3 main meals is ideal. Can you imagine only eating 3 times a day at 400 calories, and this being enough to support your bodies needs. Not realistic at all! Your body over time will hate you- trust me. Eventually you would plateau and then what can you do- drop your calories?! You will become malnourished and lead to a world of problems. Be smart, eat your calories in a well balanced meal and snack all day long. Do not set a calorie goal, just be smart!

The scale is SO important
WRONG!! The scale is just a number! You should not ever become one of those people who wakes up and weighs themselves on the daily. In fact, I recommend not using a scale at all. I recommend using a mirror and looking at yourself. Pictures are always smart so you can track your progress. Taking measurements will also help you see your losses or gains fast! You have to remember 5 lbs of fat will take up more space than 5 lbs of muscle. So turning that fat into muscle will keep you at the same weight, but you will notice you look so much leaner!

Gym membership is needed
What? No! You do not need a gym membership to start your journey. As a matter of fact you don't ever need one if you don't want one. A lot of people do not like joining a gym for many reasons; Cost and fear of judgment are two of the biggest. You can get in a full body workout with just your body! Making a small home gym is awesome idea too, and you can start off small and add on. There is also the great deal of Wello, the online training company I work for! We do everything from one on one to small group training classes. Our prices are awesome, you can workout from your home, and no one can see you but you and the trainer! Check us out- Here

Clothing Size 
I get so frustrated with this one. Everyone seems to think that you have to be a certain size in clothing. No-sorry you are wrong. Everyone has different shaped bodies. I could show you a female who is a size 4 and a female that is a size 10 and you would think the size 10 is better looking. You have to remember some of us (mainly females) have wider hips or bigger muscles that put us up in size. Again, this is where our mirrors and pictures come into play. If you like the way you look, then embrace it and flaunt that off! Please do not worry about if you are into a small, medium or large. Its just a number, just a size that means nothing.

While these are just a few of the bigger goals people think they need. I know there is plenty more out there! Have any questions or concerns on your goal? Let me know! I would love to help you out with your New Year Goals!

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