Tuesday, January 7, 2014

5 Easy Tips for Fat Loss

Keeping up with the New Year theme, I am going to share with you 5 easy every day tips for blasting that extra fat! Now I am not saying that if you do this, you will find yourself dropping body fat like crazy. This is some great advice to help you along your healthy lifestyle change!

1. Eat Breakfast! I cannot express this one enough, that is why its the most important! DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST! It is truly the most important meal of the day, it kick starts your metabolism for the day! By skipping a healthy breakfast you are depriving your body of what it needs. I suggest eating within 15 minutes of being awake. Now if you can't go right into a meal, a simple banana when you get up will help until you are ready for that protein packed breakfast!

2. Drink Water! Water is very important for your body. You need it to survive-without it we wouldn't last! So why skip out on water every day when it has so many benefits! It helps promote weight loss, increases energy, flushes out toxins, improves bodily function, and prevents muscle cramps! Now of course these are just a few but a very important few. I recommend drinking 8 glasses of water right out of bed to start off on a good note for the day. Carrying around a refillable water bottle will help you to drink throughout the day. Drinking at least 60-80oz a day is a good goal to start, and is a lot easier than you think! Thats only 4 20 oz bottles, many water bottles these days are 24oz or more! CamelBak is one of my favorites, I like the straw part of it! They hold 25 oz in the standard bottle, they have sizes up and down as well! You can get these as most retailers or at www.camelbak.com

3. Sleep! Your body needs rest! Without that sleep every night your body will become very fatigue and eventually just give up on you. Rest is a huge part of your workout regime, think of it as a very important part of it! Getting at least 6-8 hours a night can improve your mood, energy and help you better in your weight loss journey. Just as we need food we need sleep to keep our body running!

4. Skip the elevator! As easy as skipping the elevator and taking the stairs can meal a world of difference in your every day life. Now, if you work at the top of the Sears Tower this may not be a easy task, ha. But walking up a couple of flights of stairs and skipping the elevator is simple! Even when you are out shopping at the mall, skip the escalators and take the stairs! Each step counts :)

5. Portion Control! A very good one at that! By making sure you are eating the right portions you will be doing your body a good deed! A good rule of thumb for this is 30% protein, 20% starch, and 50% vegetable. WebMd has an awesome site to show you what a portion of food looks like. For example a 3oz serving of fish is about the size of a check book! Check them out - WebMd

Follow these tips everyday and you will notice a difference in not yourself your mood, but your body as well! Your body will thank you for doing so!

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