Thursday, September 20, 2012

Florida Living!!

Ahh the sun is always shining down in this state!! As you all know it has been just over a week since we made the big move from North Carolina to Florida!! Let me tell you about how awesome it is here...


What is not to love?! It is so nice outside, the sun always makes an appearance, the people here are so darn friendly too!! Within 10 minutes of living here we had already met a few of our neighbors! Everyone in general is just so friendly and caring..a huge change from Camp Lejeune!!

So a lot has happened in this short week here in Florida! We are all unpacked and just about set up (my craft room is what I will be tackling today)! This house is way bigger than our last so we had to go out and get a few things here and there to add to our home. I have been on a bar stool search since I found this house about 6 weeks ago. Yesterday we finally managed to find four stools we loved..and got a killing for them too!! Score one for us- now since our house is bigger we needed to add some sort of chair or recliner to our living room collection. A search for recliners fell short and we ended up caving in and buying the matching oversized swivel chair that matches our set..its 58' around!!! Talk about a great napping chair when it comes in!!

I also went down to Orlando a few days ago to check out IKEA! I spent over 3 hours in that store, well worth it too! I made a killing there as well and got some home decor and furniture to add to our home. Lets just say it has been an eventful week here!!

Now onto work related news..I had an interview at a gym last Thursday and felt I did very good at my audition and the manager seemed to really like me! Well I guess my feelings were right because on Monday they called and offered me the job!! Wahoooooo!!! After taking off exactly one year to finish school I will be starting my first real career job!! I am so excited to be putting all my knowledge into this and helping so many lives change for the better!! I am not sure on a start date but I am heading in today to fill out paperwork!! Yay go me!!

As for Jacob, he has a fun week too! While I was heading out to IKEA he decided to go check out a few high schools with the other recruiters! He had a lot of fun and looked so hot in his dress blues!! His boss said he did a great job for an on the spot presentation! So looks like we both are having good luck down here in Florida!

This follwing weekend we also went out to a cookout with all the other recruiters and their families. Got a chance to meet everyone, which was nice! Everyone is so sweet and although we are yet again the other ones without kids they do have some pretty cute children!! Cute enough to play with but not to make us one any just yet!! haha!

Well that is just about as much of a recap I can give you at this time..busy day ahead yet again.. I should have everything finished today and as soon as our new furniture is delivered I will go ahead and post new pictures!!

Jeremiah 33:3

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.

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