Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Today is my lovely husbands 24th birthday!! Happy Birthday Love!! So sadly, he is not in town today :( He is out training up in Jax for the week!! But we did get a chance to celebrate his big day with some friends over the weekend!! Saturday night we went out to dinner with The Pratz's and Welter's- By some amazing miracle Zach got Jake to take a few shots!! I had to giggle because we all know Jake is not a drinker by any means!! 

We ended up having a great night! Sunday Jake and I celebrated his birthday with just the two of us! The day before I had given him almost all his gifts! I waited to give him the BIG one until last minute!! So I got him a birthday cake and sang said happy birthday to him! haha

And at this point I am sure he somewhat knew what he was about to get!! For anyone who knows Jake knows he has been wanting a keyboard for God knows how long!! I have kept putting it off and putting it off because they aren't cheap and I don't see him playing it all that much...

Well I caved in this time...
One very Happy Birthday Boy right here!! 
Although we didn't get to spend your actual birthday together my love, I sure hope you had as amazing of a day you could while working :) I love you my less than three
< 3

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