Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My First Official Race

As most of my friends know I am a runner. I love running its the best stress reveler after a long day of studying!! I would run all day if I could do that, I think someone needs to come up with a new job where all we do is run for the day :) I sure would apply! 

Recently I signed up for my first official race! When I was 22 I did do a 5k to benefit Breast Cancer but I walked it, so now I am running my first race! I signed up to run a 10k on March 31, its a benefit run for a Jacksonville High School wrestler who was harmed wrestling. So its a good cause all around, I get to cross off my first race and I get to help a teenager in need! The run also has a 5k for those of you who don't enjoy running as much as I seem to ;) 

My goal is to run the race in under an hour, I have been timing myself and I believe I can do this! I am not the fastest run out there so to just to finish it will be an accomplishment! I have posted the link at the bottom of this blog if any of you bloggers want to join me or just donate to this young man!! 

Next race I have signed up for is the Dirty Hog on May 5..that will be more than just running!! I will leave that for another day :)


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