Friday, January 20, 2012


Gossip is destructive. When you base your relationship with someone on the gossip you listen to, you systematically destroy that relationship. At some point in time, that destruction become irreparable, with every element of trust dissolved. Trust is fragile. Chances are, when it’s been challenged too many times, on too many levels, it is gone completely and will never be able to be rebuilt. All because of gossip. You become hypocritical when you say you don’t gossip yet base a relationship on things you’ve heard from others, which is gossip. Remember, if they will gossip to you, they WILL gossip about you… and they have...

Today, I saw this on a friend's status and thought it was very powerful. Powerful enough to write a blog about it! You should always remember never to judge someone off what you have heard or others have said. You need to form your own opinion about someone, then you reserve the right to like or dislike that person. Still doesn't mean you should go tell the world about what you think they do or don't do.

Truly get to know a person before setting them up for failure. You never know, you might end up getting along and having A LOT in common...

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